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PHOTOS © Ronald Knapp / Karijn Dillmann / Diederik van der Laan (photo on top) 2008


Grachtenfestival Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ
artistic director: Alma Netten
première: 16 August 2008 (festival opening production)

conductor: Peter Biloen
musical arrangement: Bob Zimmerman / Michiel Dijkema
stage director: Michiel Dijkema
set design: Clement & Sanôu
costume design: Irma van Loon
light design: Bas Berensen

Lord Ruthven: Henk Neven
Malwina: Hanneke de Wit
Edgar Aubry: Brad Cooper
Sir Humphrey Davenaut: Vitali Rozynko
Emmy: Mijke Sekhuis
Janthe: An de Ridder
Sir John Berkley: Pieter Hendriks
George Dibdin: Seil Kim
Satan: Karin Strobos

Grachtenfestival Orchestra, Chorussoloists Grachtenfestival


“Dijkema shows his musicality [...] A name to keep in mind...”

Grachtenfestival successfully resurrects “Der Vampyr”
The Grachtenfestival brings an adaptation of “Der Vampyr”, reducing the length to one and a half hours. All the credit goes to stage director Michiel Dijkema. Notwithstanding his cuts, the story is polished and flowing. This compact version keeps the musical unity of the work. Dijkema shows his musicality and has worked out detailed characters. A name to keep in mind...

Mark Duijnstee
Theater Centraal / Opera Nederland
17 August 2008

“with humour and stylistic precision”

Grachtenfestival opens with spine-chiller
The opera, a musical bridge between Mendelssohn, Weber and the young Wagner, is drastically shortened. This contributes greatly to the spine-chilling plot and the entertaining music. […]
Stage director Michiel Dijkema told the melodramatic story with humour and stylistic precision and fired one’s imagination.

Wenneke Savenije
NRC Handelsblad
18 August 2008

“an excellent production”

Merry shivers at the Grachtenfestival
An opera, in which the characters aren’t too particular about Gods intentions with the World. […]
In the effective production of Michiel Dijkema this forgotten musical pearl, which must have inspired Wagner in many ways, got a tempting performance. Dijkema had cut many superfluous passages, so that the story could be told with suspense, in less than two hours. […] In short: an excellent production.

Hans Visser
Noordhollands Dagblad / Het Parool
18 August 2008

“expression of old horror movies”

Sinister basses and lots of white of the eyes
Conifers, leafage, 19th-century garden furniture and a burning gate to hell. […]
The production of Michiel Dijkema brings back memories of the facial expression of old horror movies, with lots of white of the eyes and expressive fright.
[…] Concluding: it was good idea of the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival to bring Marschners vampire opera to the attention.

Guido van Oorschot
De Volkskrant
18 August 2008