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PHOTOS © Karijn Dillmann 2007


Gergiev Festival Rotterdam
artistic director: Valery Gergiev
première: 8 September 2007
De Doelen Rotterdam

conductor: Wim Steinmann
ensemble: Domestica Rotterdam
sprechgesang: Jacqueline Janssen
stage director: Michiel Dijkema
set design: Clement & Sanôu
costumes: Irma van Loon
light design: Bas Berensen


“sharp attention for irony”

Pierrots with sharp attention for irony
Even more memorable [than the World Orchestra for Peace under Valery Gergiev and the Darkness Visible concert] was the staged performance of Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire.

Frits van der Waa
De Volkskrant
10 September 2007

“a fascinating performance”

The six musicians of Domestica Rotterdam, all in Pierrot costumes, are positioned on small pedestals of various heights. In between wanders the protagonist, the moonstruck mezzo Jacqueline Janssen. The piece finds in her an interpreter who knows her way around with the alienating singsaying of Schönberg’s Sprechgesang. […] A fascinating performance, with sharp attention for lucid sound combinations, but also for irony and lightness.

Frits van der Waa
De Volkskrant
10 September 2007